Hot Dog Eating Contest, Saturday 8/13!!

Photo by Jim Berry from last year’s contest

On Saturday, August 13 @ 5pm, Zach’s Shack will be holding its 8th Annual Hot Dog Eating Contest!

Join us for the most exciting ten minutes of summer! Enter and be part of the madness or enjoy a cold beer while watching friends, foes and strangers battle for the belt. Returning champion “Hambone” will be there to defend his title and record of 13 dogs!

Where: Zach’s Shack 4611 SE Hawthorne Blvd.

What: 10 minutes; all the dogs (and buns) you can eat

Prizes: The Championship belt, The Golden(mustard yellow) t-shirt, and FAME.

$5 entry fee for contestants. Sign up at The Shack!

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